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  • Transmission / Overdrive: 64 flight omatic

    Which ford auto trans was used for the late 60's studebaker flight- omatics? Will parts interchange between the fords and stude's ?

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    My understanding, Flight-O-Matic is similar to the early 3-speed Ford-O-Matic, later called Cruise-O-Matic. There was also a 2-speed that was called Ford-O-matic, so don't get the 2 confused.

    The major diff between the Ford and Studebaker 3-speed was the valve body. As you know, Studebaker shift pattern was PNDLR. Ford's was PRNDL.

    Of course, the Ford would also have had a different tail-shaft and housing, to fit the Ford driveshaft. But I'm thinking most, if not ALL of the internal parts would be the same.

    Good luck.



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      Most parts like servos, drums, and gears will interchange, however, bands may not, and later Fords didn't have a rear pump. there are different thrust washers, and of course, the input shaft from the torque converter.
      I would just rebuild the Stude trans, using parts available from SI, Fatsco transmission parts, and Northwest transmission.
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        The 58 and up 2 speed Ford-o-matic has an alumnium case whereas the 3 speed Ford-o/ Cruise-o is a cast iron case.


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          John Metzker did a number of these years ago and would be a great reference contact for these transmissions. He is probably still active within SDC circles. He did a trans for an Avanti I own it it is a great conversion. First gear start feels like your engine gained 50 lbs of torgue. These transmissions are also vacuum control and it eliminates the throttle linkage that Studebaker used.

          Bob Caser
          PS . I believe I have Metzkers phone number and will probably see him at the upcoming La Palma meet.


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            John is very much still active in the SDC & his e-mail is listed in the "Co-Operator" section.
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              I've got a guy right here in mn when I get ready to restore this car that can do the rebuild for me just a few miles away. I was just tring to find what I needed for a trans kit so I could get some idea of total cost. I wont be getting the car untill this fall.