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Is the water pump manifold defferent on all 224 ci and 259 ci V/8 truck motors

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  • Engine: Is the water pump manifold defferent on all 224 ci and 259 ci V/8 truck motors

    I changed out a 224 ci V/8 and replaced it with a clover leaf 259 ci V8. I found the thermostat housing outlet came out at 90 degree angle and had only two bolts holding it on. The 224 pickup engine had the outlet going straigt up and had 4 bolts holding it on. I thought no problem I changed manifolds. Today my Vintage Air compresser mount came and it wont fit. The water pump is about 2 inchs higher in the 224 manifold. Now my question is is there a thermostat housing that go's straight up and have only 2 bolts so I can use the 259 manifold Thanks Ken

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    Yes, Ken; you're in luck.

    The 2-bolt thermostat housings are the same pattern and spacing as a small block Chevy V8, so you can go to any FLAPS, hot rod shop, or a hundred websites and order any 2-bolt water outlet that looks like it will serve your purpose.

    You'll have quite a selection, I'm sure; both OEM and aftermarket stuff. BP
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      Keep in mind the reason the original manifold is the way it is, it has the fan higher and more to the center of the radiator, those manifolds are hard to find and needed by people wanting to put a V-8 in the early trucks, "C' cabs the "T" cab are not a problem since they are more like the lark car, hope it doesn't over heat>
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        Thanks Bob this will help. I knew someone could help. I have a extra truck maniphold. ken