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First attempt at a 1 brl - carb that is...(pics)

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  • stude1964
    62 Champ
    Looks great! Hook me up with the chemicals for my next rebuild. We want pics of the car as well as the RBS carb!

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  • 62champ
    Got it all buttoned up and it worked great. Now to move on to the next Studebaker thing...

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  • 52-fan
    That carb looks really clean. I just put a kit in my first AS off of the 62 T cab we have and yours looks way better.
    I had done several WW two barrels and numerous WE one barrels, but the AS was a challenge. I would have never made it without the factory service manual. I hope to try mine soon after I make a few adjustments.

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  • First attempt at a 1 brl - carb that is...(pics)

    Since I bought my first Studebaker back in 1993, I have rebuild about two dozen Stromberg WW carburetors for a number of family members vehicles and several times on the ones I have owned. I think the WW on my Champ has been rebuilt at least three times... Wanted to finally try a single barrel this spring.

    Just got done putting back together my first Carter AS single barrel for my '60 W4. Took a few times to make sure everything was in place before zipping it all back together - man - you have to have almost everything hanging off the thing before it goes together - not many work arounds...

    Here is closed up results:

    and this is before everything was put back together:

    One comment about the cleaning process. For years I have always depended on the tried-and-true can of parts cleaner. About 16 months ago, however, I having a lot of trouble with a very dirty carb off my Super C Farmall tractor. Just would not run right. My employer has an automotive technology program so I spoke with the program director. They have a parts cleaner that actually rotates the parts inside the cleaning liquid. Load up the tray lower down into the cleaning solution, hook up the air hose, set the timer and walk away. Three hours in the cleaner and the Farmall carb never worked so good. That is what I also used on the RS - looking forward to see how it runs.

    Any one have any kernels of wisdom about getting the RS at its best tune?
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