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    Hi Randy, another easy and inexpensive way to go 'electronic' is to get a Pazon Energy Booster, points assisted electronic igniton unit. It simply uses the points as a low current switch so they no longer burn out and the point gap is not as critical. I have had one fitted to my 1936 Packard 120B convertible coupe straight 8 engine for a couple of years and have not messed with the points since. It runs great. Last week my '59 Silver Hawk stalled on me in busy traffic, and by flicking the points I got it going again, so I am going to clean the points and fit one of these Pazon Energy Boosters. You can hid the unit low on the firewall so everything looks original and the big news it is low cost. Price is NZ$113.12 which converts to approx' US$85 with free delivery worldwide for orders over NZ$100 (which this is!). here is the link to their website:
    These are made in NZ for bikes and cars and I know of a number of people who have fitted them to many different types of cars from Model As to Mustangs. Have a look. Cheers Mal (Auckland, New Zealand)