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Metal Rescue

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    Has anyone tried Metal Rescue? What were the results. It's on sale at Menards for $17.99 a gallon. Is there something else to soak rusty parts/bolts in that's cheaper and just as effective?


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    Harbor Freight has a very similar product that I've seen in use with good results. The only problem is that I can never seem to find enough to fill a swimming pool so I can just dip the entire car and be done with it!
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      Not sure but if this is a rust preventive solution what I use is Jasco metal prep.
      Available at most "real" hardware stores.



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        I have POR 15 as a preventative, this is to remove rust entirely. Bought a gallon will report how it works.


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          Great Sig. Former MaMopar guy myself.

          Looking forward to your results. It may be in my future.
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            Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly on this stuff. Does it remove rust-yes. Pricey-yes. Good for small parts only IMO. I think electrolytic rust removal would be better and significantly cheaper for larger parts. But as the bottle states it has to be totally submerged. So, with that, I had only one gallon to try it out. I did an exhaust manifold-because what gets rustier than that. Here's before and an after. This was after 24hrs of soaking 12 hrs each side. Note the face side flash rusted again because it was not totally submerged, and exposed to air.
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              I thought you were going to use the por-15? or are you trying out both?
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                Originally posted by cultural infidel View Post
                I thought you were going to use the por-15? or are you trying out both?
                I was looking for something other than electrolytic rust removal, for small stuff like nuts and bolts. I have POR-15 and Chassis Black for my frame. POR-15 along with Eastwood and some others make a coating for exhaust manifolds and headers, haven't tried them. The POR-15 is a top coat, they recommend sand blasting prior to it's use. Eastwood has a rub on coating that is applied directly to the manifold. Jet Hot will apply a ceramic coating that is permanent.


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                  I tried Por-15 and didn't like the way it applied with my HVLP spray gun. I then tried Master Series, a similar less publicized top coat. Sprayed well, brushed well, quite self leveling when brushed. MS is slightly less expensive and unlike Por-15 I've brushed it from a can, closed the can and came back brushed it from it weeks later. POR 15 was gum when I came back to use it.

                  They recommend similar preparation.


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                    I read that in the directions for POR-15, that you have to be ready to get it all done at once or the stuff goes bad once it's exposed to air.


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                      I've used POR-15 since it first came on the scene. Decent stuff, but it's success is in the PREPARATION of what you're going to use it on - period. Paint it onto metal - rusted metal - or you'll likely be disappointed. That's why it's called POR = Paint OVER RUST. Not PTOR, as in Paint TO AVOID Rust. The stuff is formulated so that it DEPENDS on rust for a good grip.
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                        It can't work miracles......

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                          electrolytic rust removal not only works great it's fun and pretty non-toxic. It will get in threads and loosen fasteners. I wonder if anyone does whole cars?


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                            I "learned" that if you buy POR-15, buy the 1/2 pints! When done, clean the can of ALL excess material that spilled into the lip. Reseal and flip upside down and store it that way. You'll be able to reopen that can 2 maybe 3 times. POR-15 also works GREAT on master cylinders as brake fluid will not affect it.

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