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12 volt converstion

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  • 12 volt converstion

    i have a 1951 2r5 pick up with a 170 engine & want to convert it from 6 to 12 volt any suggetion will welcome.

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    You might want to use the "search" link that is up in the top right corner of
    this there are many threads over the past 2 years that talk about
    this process. When you click on "search" a new screen will come up, then type
    in "12 volt conversion" in the "search for" space....use the drop down arrow in
    the "search forum" to limit the search to the "technical forum" and then search.
    I am sure someone with a truck conversion for that year will give you more specific's.

    Hope this gets you started......

    1964 Daytona
    glen Brose
    Tumbleweed Flats, AZ


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      If you just want to get rid of the generator and mechanical regulator, you may want to try going with a 6 volt alternator. I did this with a 54 Chevy and it worked great. It was a one wire Delco and I love it. It charges at a lower RPM, and is internally regulated. This saves the hassle of changing bulbs, adding voltage reducers for your guages, radio and blower motor etc. If you want a 12 volt radio, there are step up converters on Ebay for $54.

      63 Lark 2dr Sedan