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    Removed the pinion seal today on the '55 President. The manual said "remove the dust cap" but I found that took a hammer, two screwdrivers, and pliers and a bit of effort. It is now of course just scrap metal. Didn't see one listed in vendor catalogs, so guess no dust cover goes back on. Not sure how significant that is or if the new seal with a little different configuration takes care of that.
    In the Chassis Parts Catalog on Plate 42 it shows the 510934 dust cover and also shows a 530689 felt washer which was NOT on my car when I removed the pinion seal. Referring to the Part Manual under Rear Axle, Figure 14, it does not show a washer in front of the slinger. The "dust cover" that I did remove had some sort of leather seal behind it although it was no good. Anyone change out the pinion seal recently and know if the only items that go back in are the slinger, then the gasket, then the seal? I acquired gasket and seal from SI. And do you just tap on the edges to get the seal back in?

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    \'55 Commander
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    I replaced on a 64 Hawk recently and it's a one piece deal. The axles are practically identical.
    My notes are:
    "remove the driveshaft, lock the yoke with a bar and unbolt the large central nut holding the yoke to the pinion gear shaft. Pry out and replace the seal and retorque the yoke."

    Bob Johnstone
    64 GT Hawk (K7)
    1970 Avanti (R3)