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Wanted Truck Seat....

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  • Interior: Wanted Truck Seat....

    Anybody near Middle Tennessee have a spare Truck seat?
    My bottoms rusted out

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    Ihave a bench seat from a 62 Champ 1/2 ton pick up,i live near Atlanta GA.


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      question is: Will it fit in a C-Cab?


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        Ya but your head might hit the roof they are different style seats. I have in California
        Castro Valley,


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          FYI, Greyhound will ship items that size for a relatively reasonable price. Downside is they must be dropped off and picked up at the local bus station. I had some unwrappped truck seat cushions shipped that way and they came through fine.
          Skip Lackie


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            Mrs K,
            I have a very useable '49 C-cab seat base and seat back that you are welcome to for free. Downside is I am in Cali so like 2500 miles away.
            If you can figure out a way to ship them within your budget I would be more than willing to help make that happen.

            The springs and frame a litely surface rusted, but very lightly and I see no degredation of the components. The cotton pads and foam and jute wading are all bad and before I send them I would strip them off because there is mouse waste in them and they need to be discarded.

            Just to make sure you know what I have, it is the base and back seat spring set I believe part numbers 650300T and 650291T that are for the dowel adjusted seat where it is fixed at the back of the cab on the back rest and only the base moves forward and backward and locks over a dowel stamped into the pan of the truck floor.

            These are in good enough shape that I inteded on using them no problem, but I have a teenage daughter who wants to drive the truck and we just could not make it comfortable for her so I bought a sliding adjustable seat from Rick {Sasquatch}.
            However I kind of regret it because it definately makes the cab more crowded than the original style seat and even at only 6' tall I feel too close to the pedals and wheel. I wish I would have made a plan "C"...
            I am already looking at using some plywood and foam to shorten the base and push back the back of the seat and then use my new seat cover over that. But IDK...