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  • NO accelerator pump

    My car runs fine, fast pick up without hesitation no miss at idle. There is NO sign the accelerator pump works. I see zero gas, fumes, wet spots, etc in the carberators throat when I pump the fuel linkage. Only problem the car starts hard upon sitting over night. I need to prime or grind the starter for minutes. I do like to grind the starter so I prime it. 1955 President with a 4 barrell and a 1964, 289 cu in block. Privious owner I have been told put in an engine and traney from a 1964 donor. I have no reason to suspect this is not the case.

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    Just kit the carb and the problem will be solved. Your old pump just went south.

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      I suppose it is possible that a car would run ok with a non funcioning accelerator pump, but most would stumble and have a big 'flat spot' on acceleration. If the car only sits overnight, there should be enough fuel in the bowl to provide a squirt or two to help the car start. If there isn't any fuel in the bowl, then it leaked out somewhere and the carb needs to be rebuilt to stop this. This day in age it would be considered normal for the gas to evaporate in a couple or three days because of the porosity of the carb bowl, but I wouldn't think it would happen overnight. As for the grinding, consider this. When you are turning over the engine using the starter the oil pump is pushing oil through all the lubrication passages. It is good to have the oil in the bearings before the engine starts. You might try turning the engine over a couple times, then pump the accelerator, then crank some more, pump again, repeat as necessary. Starters don't cost a lot to rebuild, check and clean the cable attachments though. It may help your situation to set the choke a little richer.

      Tim K.
      '64 R2 GT Hawk
      Tim K.
      \'64 R2 GT Hawk


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        I agree with Tim on adjusting the choke. If the choke's set and operating correctly, it should start without pumping the gas pedal other than to let the ckoke close completely. If you have to pump the pedal furiously just to get enough gas to get it started, you likely have choke or other problems. Actually an accerator pump isn't necessary as long as you don't just floor it completely at lower engine rpm's. 6 and 8 cylinder Chrysler industrial engines don't use accelerator pumps, mainly because every time the govenor opened up, it'd squirt extra gas in. All the accelerator pump does is counteract the loss of fuel flow when you stomp the pedal and the vacume drops. That's what causes the flat spot Tim mentioned, open the throttle in a more controlled manner that maintains some vacume and you don't need the pump.


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          I suspect the carb needs to be rebuilt, it runs great except for the starting. I chringe at the thought of the linkage settings and trying to get them proper with a rebuild. I do have a rebuild kit.