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Disc brakes for my Wagonaire

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  • Disc brakes for my Wagonaire

    Having made a successful run to South Bend it is clear to me that a brake upgrade is in order for my recently completed 64 Wagonaire.
    The question I have is: Turner Brakes or the 12" SteelTech solution?
    The SteelTech's are less money but what is the performance and ease of installation. I have spoken to a few folks with Turners solution and they seem pleased.
    Where does the jury stand on this topic?
    Bill Foy
    1000 Islands, Ontario
    1953 Starlight Coupe

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    I just installed the Turner brake kit on my 64 Wagonaire..
    I bought the "basic" kit and got all the other parts myself..
    On the next Stude I install the kit on, I will purchase the whole kit..
    The install was straight-forward and simple..
    Everything worked as designed, and the car stops great!

    My car was a six cyl car with the small brakes but now has a 259 v/8 in it..

    Grants Pass, Oregon
    65 Commander 2door
    64 Wagonaire's (1 parts car, 1 Canadian fixed roof disc brake car, the other sliding roof South Bend car.)
    63 Champ
    63 GT Hawk
    51 Champion Starlight Coupe
    George King
    Grants Pass, Oregon
    64 Station Wagon with fixed roof (Canadian Car)

    66 Station Wagon with fixed roof. Project car, complete For Sale...

    64 Wagonaire sliding roof South Bend car. For Sale...

    63 GT Hawk

    51 Champion Starlight Coupe For Sale...


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      I hope this doesn't come off in the wrong way~
      I'd use the search feature at the top of the page.
      There are a quite a few posts on this very topic.
      Plan for some long reads and very opinionated comments, though!!!
      The way I see it- Lots of folks have become tired of this topic, and may not comment any further then they did back then...

      Good luck.

      StudeDave [8D]

      edited for spelling [V]
      StudeDave '57
      US Navy (retired)

      3rd Generation Stude owner/driver
      SDC Member since 1985

      past President
      Whatcom County Chapter SDC
      San Diego Chapter SDC

      past Vice President
      San Diego Chapter SDC
      North Florida Chapter SDC


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        Well said, I should have searched first, just a little anxious.
        Having searched, let this be the last post.
        Case Closed
        Bill Foy
        1000 Islands, Ontario
        1953 Starlight Coupe