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Adding a/c to a 51 Starlight

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  • Cool/Heat: Adding a/c to a 51 Starlight

    Has anyone added an aftermarket A/C unit to a 51? There is very little room behind the dash. I was hoping to use an A/C ,heater defrost combo and retire the stock stuff.

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    Is this car a Champion or a Commander? There are some knee knocker under dash units that fit OK, but I don't know of anyone who builds a A/C, heater, defrost unit for the 1951. The heater is under the seat. There are some units that mount under the rear shelf, that might work. You will need to convert to 12 volt negative ground, and if you have a six cylinder flathead (Champion), you will be moving quite sedately at the best when you are done.


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      Its a champ but its getting a 289. I've seen the combo unit on the Oldair website.


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        Forum memeber Sdude built an amazing 51 with a stock dash panel that was extended out from the firewall some.
        Really nice, I wish I had done the same. Extra room for all kinds of things, and having the controls closer to the driver doesn't hurt either.
        You'll find quite a bit of info on that car in the search.


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          For what it's worth I installed a Vintage Air unit in my 62 Hawk. I lost half of my glove box but works great and (I think) looks good.
          Can't upload the picture.
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