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    I want to put wider tires on the rear of my 63 Hawk,right now I have 215/70's on 5" rims all around.I'd like to go as wide as 265 in a 60 or 65 series if its possible,how wide can I go without rubbing & what rims would I need?

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    I have 265-75R15 on 8 inch wheels on the back of my '55 cp. But I made my wheels with the correct offset.
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      Stu -

      Just get in there and measure things..!

      1. Spring to outer side, but inner fender well. Measure in several places, the dimension WILL change.

      2. Brake (wheel mounting surface) to fenderwell. Be sure to measure both fenders, they're normally different...!

      3. Brake surface to spring, see note above. Be sure to measure both fenders, they're normally different...!

      These will tell you what wheel (center to rim) offset you need, and how wide a tire you can use will be.



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        Thanks for the prompt reply...I don't want to come out towards the inner fender any more but I can go towards the leafs about 2".We have a great shop here in Richmond B.C. that widens rims so I may just have them add to the back side.