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  • Transmission / Overdrive: OD simplified wiring?

    I obviously have bastardized truck. Because of that, things like wiring are not "by the book".
    I am looking for some help with a very simplified wiring diagram just for the trans OD circuit.

    I have a manual, but my truck is 12V not 6V. I have looked at later trucks like the 2E and 3E but the diagrams in my manual are fuzzy at best and I am not sure which ones are 12V and which diagrams to use. On top of that the diagrams are a bit confusing with all of the circuits on the entire vehicle on one drawing.

    So to clarify where I am at, I have a 2R10 but with a transplanted Stude 289 using a universal wiring harness kit like a Painless kit. I am also using a simple GM single wire alternator.

    Bob K. sent me a kick down switch, and a 12V solenoid and a 4 prong relay {a universal type I believe} and I just need a bit of help hooking it all up.

    On the diagram in the manual there are connections to the amp gauge and the oil pressure something.....I just want to go power, then to....then to...then ground if that is possible.

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    All you need to know is what year the parts are from. The sol. has 2 or 3 studs? The overdrive 'harness' is something you can make and was seperate from the rest of the harness anyway.

    The harness goes from the 2 or 3 wires at the Sol, one goes over to the Gov, the rest run up to the kickdown switch, one goes to power. Easy to make yourself.

    Best described on the phone......


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      The solenoid he sent me is a 2 wire and has the number 1119 772 on it.
      The switch has 3 regular spade terminal and one odd terminal that looks like half of a glass fuse holder, half as in the clamp of one end of a fuse holder.
      I plan on just making up the wiring myself, I wired everything else up and the kit came with plenty of extra wire to make it.
      If it was a separate wiring harness I wish they would have shown it spearately in the manual...pain in the neck trying to read all of those non color coded lines running all over a page and cris crossing.
      So just to get mind in the right gear here...I do not need to go to any of the gauges and stuff, just a keyed power to start off?


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        The OD wire harness lists at $75 bucks. I make them for way less if you can wait a bit. I am in spring fever mode so bare with me. call me if you want one.. Thanks Kelly.

        The harness you want for OD, you just make yourself, or just buy one. I doubt the 'kit' you have has an OD wire harness. .

        A '2 wire Sol' is 1962-66" if I recall correctly - an easy find in the ACCY wirring section (59-64 book_)
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          I must have worded that wrong, the kit came with lots of extra wire, so I can make one up. I do not need a kit.
          I was just hoping to find out if I need the connection to the gauges that it looks like it shows in the manual, or if I can just bring in keyed power to the switch, or solenoid. and make it all work.
          What is the point of the wire from OP light to the rear terminal of the switch then out to the amp gauge?

          I will figure something out I guess.


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            if I can figure it out, will send as an attachment the diagram from my Studebaker shop manual for 1947 thru 49. Can't solve the secret ..Send your E mail address to
   and I will reply and attach the wiring diagram.


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              make a copy or 2 of your shop manual's wiring diagram. If you prefer, get different colored markers to denote the specific wire in the diagram. Trace each wire, by number. from the code list (?) so that you now have just the wiring harness colored........Highlight the code ...and away you go. 3-hole punch it and you're all set......


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                oldibmce {Joe} had a better diagram he emailed me, so that helped a ton.
                But now I see there is a small square piece that mounts right on the back of the trans. It has one wire in and one wire out. It is on the solenoid side but Joe's diagram shows the out wire goes straight to the governor.
                What is that?
                Is it voltage sensitive and needs to be 12V?
                I took a closer look and see that it is called the shift ball lockout switch and should not be volt sensitive since it is just a switch.

                I think I have a plan now and as soon as the weather clears up I will see what I can do. I may just hook it all up and have the kick down switch in the cab to see if it works properly before I fab up the linkage mount for it.
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                  The small square piece is a reverse lock-out switch. It was eliminated during the 1955 model year. The green wire from kick-down switch terminal #9 would go to the lock-out switch, and then on to the governor. You can either wire it up (it'll work fine on 12V) or remove it and plug the hole.
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