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transtar muffler questions

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  • Exhaust: transtar muffler questions

    '57 Transtar 3E7
    The other day when I had the truck idling for 10 minutes or so, I went over to the passenger side of the truck,opened the door and burned my leg on the side of the truck. I have an oval type muffler set on its side jammed under the step well there. It is the only muffler on the truck. It was putting out quite a lot of heat and lighting up the side of the truck. Plus the cab is quite warm too. It is throwing heat everywhere near it. I have dual gas tanks on the truck and there is one quite close to it on that side.
    I looked in the parts book and it shows a Cherry-Bomb type muffler (5"round) for this truck. Is anyone running one of those? Where on the truck should the muffler be placed? I am going to have to move it anyway. Can I just replace the one I have or change the whole setup? How much noise does the Cherry-Bomb muffler make? I do not want to get the neighbors upset. I tried the truck forum with little help so I will try here. Those who have similar trucks where is your muffler placed??

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    On mine, the round muffler (it's not a "Cherry Bomb" type) mounts a bit ahead of the rear axle.
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      Goes it make more noise that a oval muffler? Is is baffled or straight through?


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        I have a 289 in a C-cab and I just did 1-3/4" duals with 2" glass packs with the baffle cups facing the engine, like scoops catching the exhaust and I can not believe how quiet it ended up. I put the mufflers in front of the axle. It sounds REALLY good though. Everyone that has seen has liked the sound so far.


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          On just about ANY truck, you want the muffler just behind the cab. Unless you want that extra heat............ These engines sound good with any muffler. An exhaust shop will sell you one to bolt on, if you show them a spec. or they'll gladly do the job. Tell them med. back pressure, and your cubic inches.