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57 SilverHawk wheel identification

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  • Wheels: 57 SilverHawk wheel identification

    Last week I asked about tires and the forum gave me the answers and have tires on order. Thank you. Now I need to know about WHEELS. I was preparing to take several of the wheels & tires in to have tires removed so I can blast & paint. Discovered that not only do I have 4 existing differing tire sizes but I have 3 wheels that are alike, 1 that is different, and one that is very different (and without a tire). All the lug patterns fit but the one without a tire has the lug plate very far to the outside of the wheel...the tire/wheel will set in and closer to the frame. Hope this makes since.

    Are the Studebaker wheels marked in any way so they can be identified? I am assuming the three alike are the proper wheels. Is there specifications as to how far the lug plate sets into the wheel? I know that a Ford wheel will have the tire against the tie rod...or at least the one I tried. I plan on using the full wheel covers (in stock) so wheels don't have to be exactly alike. But I sure do want them to track correct.

    Hope someone can help. I am not sure that I have communicated what it is I need at this point.
    Ray Stewart SDC
    51 pick-up
    57 silver hawk
    62 lark