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Cardboard panel between back seat and trunk

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  • Interior: Cardboard panel between back seat and trunk

    I'm looking for material to cut the cardboard panel that fits between the back seat and the trunk on a '63 Lark. Yes, I know SI has them, and while I am spending a boatload of money with them on parts already, I have a hard time paying $55 for a piece of cardboard!
    I have all the broken pieces of my original, I just need something to make it out of. Any suggestions?

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    An old fridge carton (box) was used to make mine, then painted. Ue the inside of the carton so as not to have any printing to cover over. I did not know someone had used an appliance carton until I took the back seat out and saw the outside markings on the carton.
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      On my '54 sedan, I used 1/8" black ABS plastic.
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        In my '55 I used 3/16 luan plywood, some scraps I had on hand.


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          Go mto an auto upholstery shop and ask for a sheet of chipboard!


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            Nice thing about SI 's is that is pre-cut and ready to install for $55 and you know it's going to fit the first time. What's your time worth for 4 hours getting the material, measuring and cutting it? IMHO - That's probably how these vendors price these pieces of cardboard, figuring out what a individual time is worth and then coming up with a price.

            Probably cheaper to buy it unless you have some stuff that would work lying around the shop. Good luck.

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              I made mine out of 1/8" Sintra plastic (available at most sign shops) and applied a layer of FatMat sound deadening material on the back side, painted the trunk side matte black. It was pretty easy to cut since I had the mostly intact original for a pattern. I made my rear seat panels and front kick panels out of the same material, plastic won't warp if it ever gets wet.