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windshed wiper mechanism 63 Avanti

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    The right pivot (1351002) is stripped on the wiper mechanism, does anyone repair this? If not I need the entire wiper mechanism if anyone has good used one. Ken, Deltavile, Va

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    I have repaired a stripped pivot with a comparable piece from a mid 50's Ford. The Ford wiper mount is steel rather than the soft metal used on the Avanti units. You can test the mounts at a "pick&pull" with a magnet. I can't recall what method I used to fasten it to the pivot shaft - (silver solder, braze or spot tack). Replacement pivot assemblies are hard to find. You might try Nostalgic Auto if you don't want to repair yours.


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      Several years ago I needed a pivot and Jon Myers was adapting them from parts. I believe they may be reproduced now in original form. Give Jon a call.
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