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Carter WE available to good home

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  • Carter WE available to good home

    I know it may not be the most desireable carb, but it's an original equipment for a 51 (and others). I've recently switched to a dual carb set-up (see below, my unabashed, gratuitous showing off of my last 3 month's labor!).

    Anyway, I won't be using this Carter WE anymore, and it is complete and works fine (ran when parked!). Free to good home or consideration for any charitable contributions of parts sent back my way.

    Las Vegas, NV
    '51 Champion Business Coupe G899965 10G-Q4-1434

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    I would be happy to pay the shipping on the WE if it is still available. I think this would be identical to the one my 52 uses. Right now Old Spot's engine waits for a rebuild. Your engine is beautiful!

    1952 Champion Starlight since October,1971. 1962 Daytona
    since May, 2007.Searcy,Arkansas
    "In the heart of Arkansas."
    Searcy, Arkansas
    1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
    1952 2R pickup


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      52-fan, you are welcome to it - I sent you a PM.

      Las Vegas, NV
      '51 Champion Business Coupe G899965 10G-Q4-1434