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Seat Belts on 61 Lark 5

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  • Interior: Seat Belts on 61 Lark 5

    Hi everyone am new here, am from Utah in Salt Lake City well am planning to buy a Lark 5 two door not hard top nor convertible either but i can't seem to find any of this cars with seat belts so am thinking of putting in some 3 point seat belts in it but i can't seem to see much space between the back seat and the back glass. The car seems to be in a really good shape and complete with all the chrome on it for 900 dollars. Will i be able to pull this off or should i just stick with the lap ones only?

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    Welcome to the forum, Lark615! I hope you are able to offer a new home to that Lark.

    One thing I'll point out, though; That would be a Lark VI (six) or Lark VIII (eight). If yours says "Lark V", the script that designates the number of engine cylinders is apparently broken! Not a big deal because you can easily find replacements.

    To answer your questions, the lap belts are fine for now, as long as they are installed properly and in good operating condition.

    But if you want to switch to 3-point belts (understandable), here is an install "how-to" on a '55 Chevy from the Juliano's web site:

    And here is the kit on the Juliano's web site:

    The price sounds appealing, but if you post several pictures, we on the forum would gladly weigh in with our two cents about what to look for in your purchase. Good luck!
    ~Matt Connor
    '59 Lark 2-door


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      Yeah,I think any 2-door is a buy at $900,as long as it's not a total rust bucket!


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        Darn, now that it is a Lark VI or a Lark VIII, you will wish you had a different handle!

        It's really no big deal though, a few Guys here have named themselves for their Stude. and then sold it and got another, so the best laid plans...
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner
        SDC Member Since 1967


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          This is good info i will be going and testing this car on saturday but thanks for the link.


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            I thought the handle was 'Lark61S ! Oh well! So,is it a 6 cyll or a v-8?