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  • Frame / Springs: Front spring identification

    Is there a way to identify the different front coil springs.Time has faded my memory as to what was from what.I know I have a set of 54 Champion front springs and a set of later V8 springs but how would I tell them apart?I looked for maybe a stamped # but don't see any but I see a notch on the flat end of the coil on the one set that is handybut that's about all i see.Or do I go by diameter of spring bar stock and maybe number of coils?Is there any kind of chart with specs for the different springs? Thanks Robert

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    The shop manual says that the notched springs are after 1960.


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      The Champion Springs are the TALL ones. The best way to know exactly what models they work the best on, is to just read the part Number recessed into the inside of the bottom coil. it could also be on the top coil or the outside of either end.
      The applications of the part numbers are listed in the Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog.
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        I'm still trying to find info on spring #'s and applications.Does anyone have this info or can lead me to a site where I can find the info?I have a chassis parts manual that covers 51-54 and I'd like to find part #s and applications 55-64 for the C/K.I'm putting my 54K back together and would like to explore options.I found a Moog crossover chart but no mention on the chart of the part #'s my chassis parts manual shows for a 15G.Also on the springs mentioned in my first post that have a notch in them-did they replace stamped #'s with another way to I.D. in later years?Is a notched spring application standard or HD application.When did variable rate springs come in to play?Thanks


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          If I recall correctly the springs were made by Eaton-Detroit springs who still have the specifications, so contact them with your query, I'm sure they can help.

          John Clements
          Christchurch, New Zealand