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T-10 conversion...Crankshaft bolts to flywheel

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    I've done a couple of cranks that way. Gotta have some sharp taps and patience.
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      I'm getting ready to put my short block (259 pumped up to 299) together and I am going with a 4 spd. also-how long are the bolts that are mentioned above? The drivetrain I'm using is non-matching and not original to my car. The 1963 Chassis book lists(pg. 519 under Jet Thrust equipment) what I think are the bolts as part 195227 screw to flywheel 3/8" - 16 x 7/8" correct?



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        64 Challenger,
        The bolts I took out of AT crank are 3/8"-24 and 15/16" long. The MT bolts were about 1/4" longer, so 1-3/16" long. Both sizes are special bolts with a thin, round head with a angle cut out to hold it from turning when you tighten it .


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          One step farter

          I had my motor out and apart so this was way easy but still do-able without rebuilding. I had my engine machine shop enlarge the flywheel hols to accept SBC flywheel bolts to pass through from the clutch side and also drilled and tapped the crank. For ever after now I can mess with the fltwheel and never touch the oil pan.



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            Opps, I meant "FARTHER", my bad.


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              I just got back on the forum after a couple days doing "other things" and found the above. Wow. What a great idea. I just can't believe the useful info you get from this site. Thanks a lot guys. Tap the crank flange. Wow. If you had the crank out it would be a cake walk for a machine shop. That will go in the memory banks.
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