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Minnesota/Wisconsin folks: recommended Chrome vendors?

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    I'm in St.Paul area; I know there are a couple chrome platers still in business that have not capitulated under EPA burdens..... anyone in the area have a favorite who does really nice work? I have generally good cores, but the front bumper needs a few small dings taken out, etc.. so want someone who will do a little more work than dipping and chroming. I used Triple-A Plating for my Model-A Ford, but was for only a few small pieces (mostly stainless on the '30 Ford, and I didn't re-do the bumpers.....). They were ok, but thought I'd check and see if anyone has other, better (perhaps less costly??) suggestions. I paid $75 for nickel-plating a gear-shift handle for the 'A, I recall!

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    I have had very good experience with Ogden Chrome (, they straightened and rechromed my rear bumper after a lady rear ended me at a stop light last summer. (That's a whole 'nother story}. It cost $395 USD and they pay for shipping both ways. They did an excellent job of straightening and plating my bumper, I wouldn't call it show chrome but my car isn't a show car and I wouldn't expect show quality for that price. There is one disgruntled Buick Wildcat owner who posts regularly about how lousy they are, but everything else I have ever read about them is good. I would talk to them and see what you think, I am satisfied with their work and turnaround time was about 2 weeks.


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      JR Custom Plating in Forest Lake, who did an excellent job on my pot metal pieces, recommended a place in Brainerd for bumpers and large steel pieces. They said they were a drop site for the Brainerd company. You might give JR a call and see if that is still the case.


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        thanks guys; will check it out.


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          Try Keystone for bumpers. The did the bumpers and guards on my last 3 cars, look good and held up well.
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