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Position of hood insulator C/K

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  • Body / Glass: Position of hood insulator C/K

    Hi folks,
    Well, I think it's all in the title. I've just received my insulator from SI for my 63 GT/Six. What would be the right position for it from the back edge of the hood? This is not a very important detail but I prefer to be as close as possible to the original.
    Have a nice day.

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    The one I bought from SI went pretty much centre. But it fell off (black car in the sun). The underside of my 55 hood still had an impression from the factory one. I'm running without one. I did, however, install the Classic Enterprises hood stiffeners. Well worth the $ and time. Good luck.
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      They do not mount centered Left to Right, it goes to the Right to not cover the Battery.

      Edit: I did not mean for the PURPOSE of not covering the Battery, but positioned so that it does not, for the below reasons in post #4.
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        Service Bulletin No. 297 from January 1955, page 3
        Occasionally someone will ask why the Fiberglas underhood insulation mat is shaped and placed as it is instead of fully covering the underside of the hood. Results of scientific research and engineering experiment into the matter of sound and resonance show that in an irregularly dished metal object, such as an automobile hood, only a very small area need be "damped" (insulated) for effective noise control. Engineering tests have determined that maximum boundaries over which this sound-deadening area may roam and the insulating mat was cut to that size. To have added more would have served no purpose.

        The mat is off to the right.



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          This is a photo of our '63 GT Hawk hood.

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            Thank you very much guys.
            You have really furnished comprehensive data about this topic. That is very kind of you. I was concerned about the battery too, as I used Arelco battery connections that are a little bit higher than the original. I'm really curious to see how long the insulator will resist to the underhood storm. I only have the 4-blade fan though. I assume that the 6-blade would give a typhoon.
            Thanks again and enjoy your cars this week-end.