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Wheel cylinder rebuilding.

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  • Brakes: Wheel cylinder rebuilding.

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    I've always used brake fluid to hone. Of course, the fluid doesn't need removed but the fine detritus does. Just use an aerosol brake cleaner. Also clean the pistons.

    As a caution, after honing, examine the cylinder walls. At some point, it's best to replace with new cylinders or send the old ones to be re-sleeved.
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      u can also hone with denatured alcohol, it is less vile than brake fluid
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        Perfect time to switch to DOT 5 brake fluid. Doesn't eat paint, doesn't absorb water. Pricey but worth it.


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          If you have not removed the bleeder do so before you clean. Otherwise debris will be trapped behind. If the bleeder is rusted or chewed up you can get new ones at your FLAPS. Don't hone too much. Pits behind where the pistons move are not a problem but any in the piston area mean you should probably replace the cylinder.