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Power Steering Conversion

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  • Steering: Power Steering Conversion

    I have converted several 56Js with standard steering over to OEM, Saginaw PS. But I've never converted a later model Stude with standard steering over to a Bendix PS setup.
    Question is: how much trouble to convert say, an early sixties V8 Lark over to Bendix PS? Is it more of a PITA than converting to PS on a 56J with Saginaw ?


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    If you have all the parts, it's pretty straight forward. The front pulley, and spacer, and bolt will need to be changed. Holes for the power ram bracket, are already in the frame. You need the bell crank arm too, ans the whole pitman arm, as the "ball" that the control valve rides on isn't removable.
    Special mounting studs for the pump are needed, Don't forget the bracket that goes from the pump to the exhaust manifold bolt.
    Then there is the four hoses, and associated clamps.

    Come to think of's a pain in the *ss
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