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New rubber keeps R/Q windows from sealing

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  • Body / Glass: New rubber keeps R/Q windows from sealing

    Hey, Gents,

    I have installed new R/Q window rubber from SI and put the windows back in the car. The windows will not close all the way. There is about 1/4" of space between the window U channel and the rubber at the top of the window. The bottom is tighter. The hinged side is jammed by the new weatherseal and it looks like there is no longer enough space for the window to fit inside the frame.

    Has anyone experienced this? Is there a cure? (I mean, besides working on an easier car...)

    Thanks as always.


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    The window base frame has to be packed outward such that when the window is closed, the frame conforms to the window curvature. The shim strips at the rear will have to go over the vinyl of the inner panel, so select strips of black rubber to accomplish this. It will take some trial and error to achieve a good fit. When finished, you can dress the inner rear edge with black dumdum or black liquid rubber (window sealant). Then be sure to lift the rear outer weather seal flap and push sealant in to seal the rear edge from top to bottom.
    The problem here is that when the rear frame screws are tightened to the body, they distort the frame so that the curved window no longer seals. The factory used cardboard packing under the vinyl to accomplish this, but it never worked very well, as each body is different and needs a custom fitting. It takes some time but is worth doing it right, otherwise your rear ash trays will fill with water in a rain.


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      what car are we problem-solving ?


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        Sounds like a C body. Do any others have hinges?

        Thank you, Ed, I didn't know.
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          To: Tom B,----An Avanti.


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            Since I provided some parts to tluz for an Avanti, I assumed that his post was regarding that model, and certainly his diagnosis fit that model, and probably no others.


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              Thanks, Bill. Nothing is easy, I suppose, or else it would not be worth doing.

              N.B. -- This would explain why the original ashtrays were rusted through.