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  • Body / Glass: more 50 starlight coupe questions

    will the doors from a 2dr sedan fit?

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    Yes. the 47-52 bodies, less rear/front fenders and hoods, are generally the same. two door sedan doors are the same as starlight coupe doors and business coupe doors.

    there are subtle differences in years, like which ones had one piece windshields, but generally lots of interchanges are possible.

    You should buy the chassis and body parts manuals. they have wonderful illustrations and exploded views that show almost every part on the car. They are cheap and invaluable. The ones you need ate 47-50 chassis parts manual, 47-50 body parts manual, 51-52 body parts manual, and 51-54 chassis parts manual. For a lot less than $80 you can answer most of your questions, have a huge body of information, and avoid a lot of mistakes and mis-steps. i highly recommend these parts manuals, even over the shop manual.
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      Thank you , will do