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58 intake question

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  • Engine: 58 intake question

    Does anyone have a picture of the tube from the airfilter to the carborator on a 58 commander with a v8. I am starting from scratch any any information would be helpful

    Thanks Doug

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    Air cleaner

    Here's a 57..
    I know you said 58, but they didn't reinvent the wheel...

    more to come

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      They had a 2 bbl carb and an optional 4 bbl carb, They also had a dry type filter like pictured, and an oil bath type. The tube from the carb to the filter was just part of the filter.

      And WELCOME to this forum!!


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        Thanks That gives me something to work with and it is the 2 barrel that is on it. As I get deeper into it I know I will be back with more questions, but it is running for now



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          There are great pictures of it in the chassis parts manual. Studebaker parts manuals are worlds ahead of other brands. You might be pleasantly surprised if you looked in one. I recommend them to everyone who works on Studebakers.
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