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Replacement headlight buckets and fender lights for 63 GT Hawk?

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  • Electrical: Replacement headlight buckets and fender lights for 63 GT Hawk?

    Two questions have come up since I started replacing the frankenwiring in my 63 Hawk.

    Pulling the headlights I broke off the retaining clips for the headlight adjustment screws on one side. The bucket itself is rusted through in two spots and probably not worth salvaging.

    1) SI doesn't list a replacement bucket for the 63 Hawk. Is there is a direct replacement available from an earlier Hawk or another model I can order?

    As I was checking the fender light the wire disintegrated in my hand so I need to resolder to the existing socket or replace the whole assembly.

    2) SI doesn't list a replace bulb socket for the fender lights. Recommendations for replacement? Given the PiTA it is to get to the fender light I would be fine replacing it with an LED alternative if someone has a good suggestion too.


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    Any auto wrecker will sell you a headlight pigtail, Napa even stocks them. As far as the hardware and the bucket, try a vendor that stocks rare used parts like this, as new ones are few and far in between. Search: studebakerwebring or studebaker parts swap page

    Some sites like the swap page let you post a wanted ad


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      I have a couple of headlight buckets, not sure of what they came off of, but they are what's left when I accumulated some to replace the rusty ones in my '53 coupe. If all C/K buckets are the same, these should work, they are yours for postage. They might be short some springs and screws.
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