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  • Rear Axle: Curiosity Question

    Why do a lot of Studebaker owners replace the Dana rear axle with a Ford when they are repowering the car with an implant drivetrain ? Thanks, Dan

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    To CarcrosswrdDan,----------- The Dana 44 is an excellent axle that's been around for a long time. The center section was used in the Dodge Viper V-10 sports car. But many Hot Rodders like the Ford 9"


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      Narrower track (for bigger wheels and tires). Easier to change ratio. A less expensive way to get flanged axles.
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        Rear axle curiosity question

        My guess would be because of the weakness at the outer end of the tapered axles and also the pain in the a.. dealing with a puller when you need to work on (or even inspect) the brakes.
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          I'll bet a lot has to do with following the crowd. This is the most mentioned rear axle with rodders and becomes the one to have, needed or not.


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            I think if we had the actual numbers, we may find that more Members with "Performance Studes." switch to a '65-'66 Stude. Flanged Axle Dana 44 with TT, or the Fairborn Studebaker/Moser Flanged Axle conversion Kit for the durability and strength.
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