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Gas cap 85 Avanti ??

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  • Fuel System: Gas cap 85 Avanti ??

    Does anyone have a current part # for a gas cap? Stant?? I have tried a couple but the ones for early 80's camaro are too large in the threaded area. Help!! I don't like the idea of fuel leaking out or a leak on a hard corner, yes I did really fill the tank to the top. Went out to shop to find some expansion -- a leak from the cap. Now it does use a cap with a vent allowing air to enter, but with a check valve. Thanks in advance!! See you in South Bend Lou Cote

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    To dynolou2,------ I'm surprised the Camaro cap does not fit. I use a GM cap of that same vintage on My '83 Avanti---fits fine. The factory must have changed upper fill pipe by '85. (Actually, there are many subtle differences

    between an '83 and a '85.)


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      My 85 Avanti uses the same gas cap as an 88 Camaro, did not find a P/N.

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