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Exterior door handle 47-52 car

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  • Exterior door handle 47-52 car

    Wondering how to get the 2 pieces apart. My springs are bad, and I already have a replacements. There is a large rivet that holds the handle in the main piece, looks like its in a brass bushing.
    Surely you don't have to destroy the pin to remove it? I am hoping they are threaded or some little un-seen trick exists.

    52 hardtop

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    When I did my 52, I had the same problem. I ground off the "peened over" part of the rivet, took it all apart, got new springs from Tractor Supply (local hardware) then took the old rivet (brass if I remember right) and drilled and tapped a hole in it 8-32 maybe it was 10-32 used a small washer and loctite and fixed the handle. I used the original rivet because it was the correct size and length.

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      To clear up my stupid question - It looked like a 2 piece pin & bushing but it was an illusion. Just one brass pin with a head on one ended and peened over on the other.
      Was able to knock it out, and reuse it.

      52 hardtop


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        I,for one, appreciate the update after you solved the problem. I knew that many years ago I repaired one of my handles with a hardware store spring stocked for garden shears(fit perfectly), but I could not remember the details. I guess I was not curious enough to pull one of my handles, but I didn't remember the repair being hard to do.

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