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Stude "In-Box" Power Steering

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  • Steering: Stude "In-Box" Power Steering

    Other than the brief ('53) use of mechanical power steering, did Stude utilize any other type of "in-Box" power steering system(s) such as the Saginaw utilized by Packard ? Thanks, Dan

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    Apparently either none of the mechanical setups were ever sold to the public or they were all recalled as none are known to exist. Studebaker offered the GM Saginaw "offset" box from '53 through '57 on all models and also on some '58s. The bendix setup was phased in in '58. The Saginaw offset box is a big unit and was the same one used on some GM cars. I've seen an identical unit on a '57 caddy but not sure what all GM cars used it.

    Jeff in ND


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      Jeff_H, thanks for the response. Do you think it's safe to assume that Packard never used the Bendix units on any of their models ? There were apparantly some changes in the Stude '56 & '57 power steering units. It must have been internal gear reduction type changes but not sure. Do you have knowledge of that change? Thanks, Dan


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        The changes were mid year 56, and just involved the pump. Early pumps had the return line as a fitting to the pump body, with a flared fitting.
        The later pumps had a return to a nipple on the resiviour
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          To: CarCrosswordDan,----- Type 'A' and Type 'B' pumps.....Type 'B' generally found on '57's.....same steering box.


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            Bezhawk, Somewhere I had read the the steering ratios were much improved from the '56 to the '57. Did that not change? Thanks, Dan


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              To: CarCrosswordDan,------- Nope, same ratios!


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                In '57 the shaft and jacket were shortened for the new dished steering wheel. The steering wheel spline size changed at the same time.
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                  Believe it or not Dan, those GM Saginaw Power Steering Gears were actually used on '52 Fomco Lincolns, probably '53 also, and maybe Mercury and more.
                  Very rare for Ford to buy any GM junk, but in this case they were very good units. Lol, a real rarity on BOTH counts!

                  I guess when you are turning out Billions of cheap, under-tested items, you are bound to get lucky once in while! Like in the case of the 283 Engines.
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