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'65 cruiser engine/trans woes

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  • '65 cruiser engine/trans woes

    I recently bought a '65 Cruiser with an antifreeze habit! After a few hundred bucks trying to get the monkey off it's back, I retired the 283 and bought an '86 Chevy 305 to replace it. The original(283) flexplate won't bolt to the new(305) crank. The torque converter from the original Flightomatic won't bolt to the 305 flexplate. Also the original centering bushing for the torque converter won't fit the 305 crank. Anybody dealt with this before? I'm trying to build a low dollar driver, so a 700R4 trans isn't really do-able at this point! Please help, I presently have to drive an S.O.B.(some other brand)

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    Crap, I just sold a 66 Sports sedan to a friend in Fort Wayne In. to part out. He only want the TT flanged axle, motor mounts and NOS stuff on the car. It has a good running 283 I'm sure he'd sell if you are close.

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      I'm in Idaho. About 2000 miles. Since I am trying to do this on the cheap, I don't think I can justify the trip. Can I?...