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    Does anyone know of a car radio technician who restores old car radios in the New York City area. I live on Long Island and bought an original radio for my '59 Lark at the flea market in South Bend. I'm not an expert on old radios.

    '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
    '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
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    Don't know about New York City area but Dan Skidmore is a SDC member and does radio repair on stude radios. YOu can reach him at:

    Dan White
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    Dan White
    64 R1 GT
    64 R2 GT
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      Not many people do radio restoration. Check out Hemmings and the net. These are (unless some earlier versions were supplied from someone else) Delco radios and any place that deals in GM radios can handle these.

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        Think about Am/fm CONVERSION. I did it on my original and you would never know.


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          You might want to find a working radio, they are usually $50.00 or so, since the repairs at $50/hour will eat you alive.

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            I sent 2 Wonderbar Radios for my 58 Hawk to Harold Rushing, in Columbia, Ill..his email is I live in Nrthrn NJ & couldn't find anyone in the area. Found Harold listed in the Cormorant Bulletin. Fixed both and they work good..