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Anyone have experience with custom aerosol matching?

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  • Paint: Anyone have experience with custom aerosol matching?

    I'm considering painting some of the less visible parts of my 55 President sedan myself such as engine and trunk compartments, wheels, etc. A number of sites on the internet advertise factory paint matching. Has anyone tried these on their Studebaker?
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    The brakes are good and the tires are fair.

    Tried to sell her, but got no taker
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    I haven't used on my Studebaker, but I have purchased from a company online called for my son's 1997 Grand Prix and I have to say the paint was a perfect match. Of course the biggest factor will be if your paint is the same as the original if it was repainted in the past, and what condition it's in.


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      To: greyben,------ This probably isn't a good idea. You may get lucky and have a close color match, but aerosol paint has to be quite 'thin' just to make it out of the can. This usually means that several coats are required,
      and custom mixed aerosols are usually very pricey. If Your just painting small areas I suppose that wouldn't matter though. Getting back to the all important color match, if the aerosol doesn't match perfectly the first time, there really is no
      way to 'tint' the color, as can be done with paint being applied with a spray gun.----just My opinion. Good Luck!


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        Originally posted by greyben View Post
        I'm considering painting some of the less visible parts of my 55 President sedan myself such as engine and trunk compartments, wheels, etc. A number of sites on the internet advertise factory paint matching. Has anyone tried these on their Studebaker?

        Your best bet is to find a local paint store that loads aerosol cans with their paint mix. They can use their color match instrument to find your current color on the car and mix to match and load an aerosol can.

        As far as thin spraying, you need to be careful with any spray method but these cans spray quite well. I've used them on several occasions for touch up and spraying wheels with excellent success.

        The last couple I bought were about $13 each. Of course the cost depends on the color and type you use which would be the case if you purchased a can of mixed paint from them.

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          I was lucky in that I found an off the shelf aerosol that was a perfect match for my 63 Daytona's Regal red. It is called, what else, Regal Red, by Rustoleum. I used it to paint the trunk, firewall and front fender aprons. I did put clear over the painted areas under the hood and it has held up well so far, more than 13 years.
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            I had pretty good luck (paint match) with a small shop here in town. Got two small cans done a while (coupla years ago maybe..?) back.



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              Another thing I did several years ago when restoring a 1969 Triumph TR6 was I had my local paint store mix a quart of the factory color and sprayed it with Preval sprayers (They sell them at Ace, also online at Eastwood). They do a nice job for areas like the engine compartment. It came out so nice I was accused of "over-restoring" the car.


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                I have two local sources and I swear by custom rattle cans. Both mix real automotive paints... single stage acrylic enamel, not lacquer. They cure a bit slower than the lacquer but yield very good results. Allow a week or two before you try and sand or buff out.

                The first provider is a local paint store who has done excellent eyeball color match from across the parking lot! The second is my local NAPA store. The NAPA store only mixes to original book numbers.

                1) While the outside of my Champ is base clear Apache Red, the dash, firewall and inner fenders got rattle can because I could do small areas when I was ready without having to clean up all the mess.

                2) Son just picked up a 98 Cherokee with 3 small rust spots and a small dent. I killed the rust with OSPHO, filled and primed then rattle canned them all. After cure, 2000 grit sand and buffed into surrounding area.

                3) Bought a Dakota with severe clear coat peel on the roof and hood. Sanded both with 320 grit orbital, primed and rattle canned with factor matched # acrylic enamel. 2000 grit sanded and buffed. Looked great.

                4) My MGB GT was recently painted when I bought it but the idiot never painted over the primer he'd applied on the sides and inside of the doors! Imagine the gray primer halo look from inside when the door panels didn't cover all! Rattle can to the rescue and no one knows the difference.

                5) With the Cherokees Son and I restored and flipped, I initially used the prepackaged junk from Checker for touchup.. It never looked good and a can never went very far. I soon woke up to use real automotive paint in a rattle can and there was never a problem using the single stage touching up base clear coat.

                When painting with rattle cans mist lightly to create a tacky surface. Then build up with multiple coats 10 minutes or so apart. Keep a clean nozzle and don't let drips fall on your surface.

                I wouldn't order this on line as your local supplier will look you in the face and give you the good stuff because he wants more of your business. Besides he'll normally give you the little bit extra that doesn't fit in the can that you can use with an artist brush to touch up any stone chips. $10 to $15 and no shipping!


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                  I have used custom mixed aresol many times on dashes and trim missed while painting and other small areas i have been luckey with the match and finish they are pricey in my area at 25.00 each and do require more coats I would recommend a spray gun for larger areas .I was told that eastwood now has a gun that you mix up your paint and pressurize the gun and you can spray with out a hose attached I might give this a try next.Good luck.


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                    I've had my local paint store make up some rattle can paint for me several times. One of the times the color match was off, so I took them back. They apologized and re-did the order "no charge". Even for somewhat larger jobs like a trunk, rattle cans get my vote. ( no mixing, no clean up, ect.)