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  • Brakes: MC interchange question

    I found a brand new master cylinder labeled "63-64 T cab truck". It looks the same as what was used on disc brake cars. Is it actually the same or is it for trucks only? Thanks.

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    If it is labeled for trucks, It means it's for drum brakes, so , it would have a residual pressure valve. Disc brake cylinders don't have one.
    Other than that, what is the bore diameter?
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      If your bore is the same, then you can remove the rpv, and use it.


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        The 1/2 Ton Champs get a 1 inch bore and the 3/4 Tons have a 1 1/8 inch. The Correct '63-'64 Truck Masters have a fruit jar lid style that screws on with threads on the outside of the Master.
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          My Zip Van has a fruit jar style master cylinder, but it looked like a single rather than a dual master the shop manual says it should be. I had thought it had been replaced at some time with a Ford master but maybe not? I'll measure the bore tomorrow. Another thing too why I thought it was replaced is the lines had bushings on them to step down to the smaller size on the master.
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            I thought a Champ M/C looked like an Avanti but larger all the way around. The bore size and valving would also be different.

            Warren, a zip van used a rare (Trk part numbered 6XXXXX) dual M/C but the Lark dual M/C works. Look up the interchange #'s on the forum for 61 & up Larks. If I recall correctly-thats what James found and it worked.