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  • Steering: Control Valve Seal Kit?

    Can some one please confirm how many parts should be in the rebuild kit for a 63' Avanti Power Steering Control Valve? Kit I received seems incomplete and unable to get hold of person who I bought it from at the moment. Already removed the valve and and want to get my car on the road again. Please help!

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    IIRC, mine had a single "O" ring in it, there isn't much else that needs to be/can be replaced. It is basically a spool valve that uses metal to metal sealing in the valve itself.


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      Two identical O rings, which have to be oriented in particular (opposite) directions, and a couple of dust covers. It's the O rings that count.
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        The original Stude. Repair kits did have a new metal dust shield and a square rubber grease seal along with the 2 needed Piston Seals. No one ever used the exterior parts, because it is too much trouble to disassemble the control valve from the reach rod for little gain.
        The new kits now have only the needed parts; the 2 Seals.
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          Two o-rings on each side of the spool valve. One easy to install, the other,... be careful. Use a tooth pick to insert the edge of the o-ring. Keep it really clean and use transmission fluid to lubricate the o-ring. It's a terrible thing to install the o-rings and have them fail a week or so later. I am so fed up with mine on the Hawk that i bought a NOS unit for my Hawk last summer. Best of luck stopping the leak.

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            What is the difference between the Studebaker and Ford power steering control valve back in the 60s? I can't see any difference.
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              same design but the seals are different. At least that was my experience when I purchased a NAPA kit for a ford control valve. I don't recall the specifics I just remember I wasn't able to use it and had to get a kit specifically for the Studebaker.
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              What is the difference between the Studebaker and Ford power steering control valve back in the 60s? I can't see any difference.

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                The reason I ask is I got a complete kit ball cups sleeve and springs for my wife's 65 Ford and I went by Bob Johnstones web site to rebuild it. It even had the new sets for the lines.