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Where is the turn signal flasher on '62 Hawk?

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  • Electrical: Where is the turn signal flasher on '62 Hawk?

    My Hawk has two issues. One; they don't cancel. I'll try to fix that in the future. As a partial fix for now I was going to put in a LOUD flasher, the green dash lights are hard to see in daylight and I cannot hear the present flasher. Where is the flasher and is it a two prong unit?

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    The cancel issue is an easy fix, $9.00 or so dollar part from SI and takes about an hour or less to install, if you have the correct wheel puller. I had to modify the one I had, the Studebaker steering wheel bolts are closer together than most and I had to grind out some clearance between the puller. IIRC, the flasher is a two prong on a small board with a fuse on it, above the under-dash steering column. You can get a small, annoying beeper from Radio Shack or some auto stores to remind you about the ts being on.