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What to do for a V8 fuel pump?

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    Am I the only one on the forum who does'nt know who Phil Harris Is ?????

    Please explain
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      Phil Harris is a legendary Studebaker racer who goes by the name of Chicken Hawk....and oh yeah he owns Fairborn
      Studebaker and is a great guy. I just got some very high seat pressure racing valve springs from for a good price. Sharp guy.
      Other than his famous race car he drove, Chicken Hawk, what is the other car he drives? Tomato something...

      Edit: Chicken Hawk is Ted Harbit another famous Stude racer. I forget Phil's site name
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        Phil Harris is Fairborn Studebaker.

        He bought out and assumed Ted Harbit's Studebaker Parts business several years ago, hence the possible confusion. BP
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