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  • Brakes: Copper washers

    When replacing brake hoses on our 40 Commander I notice in the SI catalog copper washers. Should those be replaced when brake hoses are? Is it best not to reuse the old or are they not included with new hoses?

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    Use new copper washers. There are usually radial grooves in the sealing surfaces of the fittings. The soft copper washers mold themselves to those grooves, if you use new hoses/fittings, the grooves impressed in the copper won't match the grooves in the fittings and you will risk having a leaky system.


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      Thanks. I'm not at the car now and plan to order shortly. Do they use only one washer per end?


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        Requires only one per fitting.


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          NAPA carries them too.
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            Usually they only take one per fitting, BUT, there are many different thicknesses, they are cheap, get a few extra. If you can "pick & choose" get the thicker ones.

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              you can get an assortment box of 'em
              I keep 'em on hand 'cause i wanna get the curve of the hose in the correct orientation, and i'll swap 'em around until that happens, sometimes even use 2, tho i'd rather not
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                Check first. My hoses came with them!