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  • Fuel System: Carburetor Rebuilding

    Has anyone had a carb rebuilt by the Daytona Parts Co ? Did they do a good job, are you happy with the work? Was the price fair for the work done? Did they do the job in a realistic amount of time? Any information will be appreciated.

    I see them listed in the Studebaker Vendor web page, and I need to have the carb rebuilt from my 64 289 Cruiser, and want it done right the first time.

    If anyone knows of another source they can recommend to do this, please pass it on. I'm in the South Bend area, but vendor location really is not an issue, I just want a quality job.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey Mr Tripp, I have a fellow in NY do my Carburetor and fuel pump for me. It looked brand new when I got it back. I think the price was reasonable too. His name is Hal and his number is 518 374 5078. He's the best I've found. Give him a call. Tom


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      To: A Tripp,------------- When it comes to rebuilding carburetors there are probably many reliable companies, but if I had to get it back fast and in like-new condition, I'd call Dave Thibeault at Studebaker Parts
      and Services, Maynard, Mass. 978-897-3158. Tell Him SN-60 sent You!


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        None better than Jon Myer......and I mean none!


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          My granddad had a carb or two done by Daytona, and another friend has had them do several. I've gotten a couple of kits from them. Daytona Parts is as good as you'll find.


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            Have sent 6 afbs to Daytona Parts over the years and was always pleased. Of course the price of any pro. rebuild verse just installing a kit is expensive.


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              I've used them a couple times in the past. The carbs came back looking brand new and the cars ran smooth when bolted on, requiring very little fiddling.
              62 GT


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                Looks like you've got three A+ recommendations.
                We are fortunate to have service providers who take pride in their work to the extreme but, then again, we are talking about Studebakers! Inferior provisions will not last.
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