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  • Cool/Heat: Underseat Heater Core

    I needed a recore of the heater in the GT, so decided to try to beat the SI price of $325 exchange. I sent two to a guy in New York, who estimated $90 each. He's been in the radiatotr business for 30 years, so it seemed like a good idea. Long story, but after all was said and done, they turned out to be $250 each, including shipping. Still a substantial saving, but nowhere near the original $90 quote. I didn't even need the second one, just wanted a spare.

    Problem with buying one that "looks good" at a Stude meet is, its a pig in a poke.

    I had found several NOS ones on ebay for other vehicles that coulda been made to work, for less than $50 each. Being a CASO, this kinda stuff just galls me. Live & learn.

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    I haven't checked this out myself lately, but I hear that radiators and radiator repair work have both gone up in price quite a lot in recent years. The prices you mention do seem high to me though, regardless.

    Dave Bonn
    '54 Champion Starliner