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Need Overhaul Kit for aTransmission

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  • Need Overhaul Kit for aTransmission

    Where can I find an overhaul kit for 1957 Flightomatic Transmission Borg warner. Gaskets seals Disc's? And about how much are they?
    Thank You

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    I don't know who has kits, Anne, but Studebaker Intl, will sell
    you almost everything you need...I went online and saw gaskets
    @ $7.00 each and more....they may be able to give you a discout
    or rebuild price... at least worth
    a try. Maybe another member will have a better lead....

    PS: if you use the "search" engine at the top of the page and
    look for "flight o matic".... there is a lot of previous talk

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      I got a kit for my DG200 (1951) from Fatsco. That was a number of years ago and almost $400. I'm sure they would have kits and bands available.

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        To identify which model that your car has, the lenght of the main case: small case is 9 7/8 medeimum is 10 7/32. do not count bellhousing or extension housing. Northwest Transmission Parts in Winchester Ohio should be able to help you out. Phone # ! 800 327 1955 Small case 1953-1957 master OH kit $ 131.45 1958-1967 $122.98 medimum case 1955-1967 122.98. A master kit contains gaskets lip seals o rings front and rear seals, clutches and steels. Prices may have changed a little as only brocure I could find is dated 5/01/03. Good Luck Lou Cote[8D]


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          Link to Northwestern -

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            We can determine exactly which variant of FOM you have if there's any traces of paint on the ID tag of the tranny. They used different color ID tags thru the years to indicate which model trans was employed.

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                check I bought a overhaul master kit for my '64 flightomatic on sale for $35.99! It normally was only about $100. It contain all the clutch packs, sealing rings, gaskets. I think if you don't have any hard parts which are bad, this one should do it. The part number is 752071. Don'y know if it would be the same for your year, so please verify.


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                  64 Champ long bed V8
                  55/53 Studebaker President S/R
                  53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe


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                    quote:Originally posted by Rosstude
                    Ross, I have a 64 Daytona and a 65 cruiser, both with FOMs and would love to have first gear start. Any info would be very much appreciated. thanks, Kelly