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Spring length??

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  • Frame / Springs: Spring length??

    A friend has installed the Slick Street setup on his 66 Cruiser, it sits too high, what have others done in this case? I know that the chev engine is lighter, but I don't think that V/8 front springs were changed with the use of a different powerplant. Would the cargo coils that have been posted about be shorter? Or do we call Coil Spring Specialties and order a shorter spring? P.S. This is holding pu completion of a restoration. Lou Cote

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    Everything is measure, measure, measure. Pull out the old springs and look at the number that is cast or stamped at one end of the spring. That will get you close. Measure the free standing height. Put it on a spring tester to see what the true lbs/inch is. Then put in a spring that will fit your calculations.


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      Put a pair of 6 cylinder springs under it. Springs go by wire size.