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4 pole GM- style starter mod

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  • 4 pole GM- style starter mod

    While searching through old threads looking for inspiration about what to do with my near-death 6-volt starter, I ran across a passing reference to a modification for these units described as "4 pole GM"...

    What's is this? Is this a process which a good auto electric shop can do? I am told that my starter has bad fields, which are not replaceable
    so a rebuild won't do the job in my case. Is this true? A few of the parts houses I normally do business with don't seem to have any rebuilts...

    Any other suggestions for getting my starter starting? I don't want to convert to 12 volts unless absolutely necessary, since I would need to round up/install a new ring gear in my DG200, mess with gauges, radio, etc.....although that may be easier in the long run...

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    51 Commander State Sedan
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    Dave T-Bow can build you one using a 50's Pontiac housings as I recall.

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      Commander51 writes: "Any other suggestions for getting my starter starting?"

      Yeah, save the starter revision money and buy new, big, FAT cables for the battery, the ground-to-engine strap and the solenoid-to-starter connection.
      Clean up the attacment points where ever the ends of these cables go and drive on!

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        Back in the 50's and 60's we used to take 48-52 or 53 Cad ambulance starters with the 4 poles and put the Stude nose on them. There were a number of other Delco starters HD that could be used but the Cad was the closest to Stude as to how far the Bendix gear moved. But there is a difference between the auto and stick. But some were Prestolite so don't try to mix and match. And that is BS about replacing the fields. Usualy the wire between the field poles breaks from heat or vibration. A little far away from me, but someone might be able to help.


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          I have done the GM four field conversion, but probably not in 25 years. It works well, but it is now too hard to get the necessary GM parts. In case you want to try - Take a six volt starter from a straight eight, early '50s, GM car. Use the GM case with four field coils and the rest of your existing Studebaker starter. Most do not require any cutting or fitting. Some require drilling a new locating pin hole. This wil give you a night and day difference in starting.

          Some people make a conversion by adding two additional field coils to a Studebaker starter. This probably works. I have just never done it myself.

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            Gary, If you look at a 2 pole then a 4 pole case the 4 pole has the pole end piece further away towards the end of the case and a spacer between that and relay housing. Plus the poles are of different sizes and the countersunk screws that hold the pole pieces are an oddball size and countersink angle and thread one is fine thread and the other is corse but it has been so long I forgot which is which.


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              Another consideration, my '53 six volt was very slow cranking. New bushings did the trick, they were worn so badly the armature was dragging on the field coils.

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                Fabricate a new ground cable and bolt it directly to your starter motor, fastening bolts. You'll get a surprise..
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                  Bob, THAT sounds like good advice![:0][]

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