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Long Tail T85, OD Transmission Interchange

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  • SN-60
    To: Joe Hall,-------- I'm with You on going the Ford route in trying to locate a 'long tail' T-85, but the input shaft would probably have to be changed out for the Studebaker version. Is that correct? Thanks

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  • Long Tail T85, OD Transmission Interchange

    Looks like the long tail T85 used in 1958 Golden Hawks was also used in some 1955-56 Mercurys, and some 1956 T'Birds. I recently watched two on ebay. One was listed for $750 OBO, and sold for $500. The other is still listed for $999.
    For a serious driver, the long tail T85 is pretty much a bolt in to replace a T86. While the T86 is wimpy, and must be handled with kid gloves, the T85 is probably the last tranny a perdson would ever need. The T85 is built as rugged as a T10; the synchronizers are even interchangable. Lester Schmidt ran a T85 in his million mile truck, and never had to swap it out. After wrecking his truck and totaling it, he offered the T85 out of it for sale as, "used"