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Access plate over master cylinder, 1947 Champion

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  • Body: Access plate over master cylinder, 1947 Champion

    Our 1947 Studebaker Champion has the usual round cover over the access hole in the car floor for the master cylinder. Is there a way to keep this from leaking when driving on a rainy day?

    Bill Jarvis
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    Bill Jarvis

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    I know on the C/K there is a guard from the firewll to protect the MC. On a 47? Dunno.
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    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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      The water must get pretty deep in New Brunswick, eh? A 1947 Champion may have the same engine as a Weasel, but I don't think its supposed to float like one. My 1950 has the same round access cover, but I never noticed any leakage problems. Would some sort of rope caulk or plumber's putty help?
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        I never had a problem before... but I imagine a thin rope of "dum-dum" would do a good job, and wouldn't be of much hinderance in getting the cover pulled when needed.


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          Its all done with mirrors and lights. cheers jimmijim
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            Bill Jarvis


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              Get a rattle can of undercoating material, get the Champion up in the air and spray the underside of the cover and surrounding area.