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  • placing stearing wheel

    1955 President State::: I have aligned the two marks , one on the stearing wheel,the other on the stearing post. I can't push the stearing wheel down enough to get the washer on to tighten down the stearing wheel to its seat. I am finish 100% with the wiring harness, just need to put the stearing wheel on so I can drive away with a smile.

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    I found the answer to my question. I heated the S.wheel in the oven (warm heat), placed the wheel on the post after it was warm with the marks lined up. That did not seem to help much, if any. So, I took a large socket on just the S. wheel and hit socket with several good blows. It moved from the blows and tightening the nut drove the parts together. Now to polish the horn rim and finish the job.


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      Shade tree mechanic rule of thumb #3.If it don't work the first time............. get a bigger hammer.[}][:0]

      David Baggett '53 coupe


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        Bigger hammer and bigger blow for us weaker armed shade tree mechanics.


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          One of the main things that define a mechanic (from my rather futile attempts, at least) is the knowledge of just how big a hammer to use. In MY view (and don't misconstrue this) I'd be reluctant to use much in the way of a hammer on a steering shaft--in fact hammers are always a last resort for me, but then I tend to prefer cussing and having a job take twice as long as the average person. And it goes without saying how much I gain with those approaches.

          wagone and the Old R2 Avanti


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            Wagone, thanks for the note, yes, it was a much gentler hit than a frustrated shade tree mechanic.