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Edelbrock install report.

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  • Edelbrock install report.

    Nothing new here, just wanted to share my latest "improvement" to the 57. Very easy, took about 3 hours all told. Runs better, idles better, MPG report later, I'll take any improvement, but hoping for 1.5 to 2MPG.

    W/O filter. Throttle linkage bolted right up, think I will have to adjust the it later, a tad short. Boy- that breather cap looks funny, rattle can black here I come!

    Had to move the oil filter forward about 1/8", very close with 14" air filter. O-well, it will be moved to the other side when the A/C goes on. I borrowed the air cleaner from another car that is sitting idle, I may change it later, I wanted to drive it.

    Looks faster, don't it?

    More pictures here,

    Riverside, Ca.
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    Riverside, Ca.
    1957 Provincial X2
    1958 Transtar

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    Looks good, by the way I found that I could go about three stages leaner on crusing if I used the heavier step up springs, which gave me a two mpg improvement.


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      Yep, it certainly looks like your wagon is ready to hit the drag strip! Nice car, BTW.


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        So that's what it'll all look like when I get off my @$$ and get one of those intalled?!?!?!
        Very cool!!!

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